Why Vanity

VANITY - Something New ?

"Guess Not !!! As by now the miraculous designs must have mesmerized you to look through the ecstatic collection of VANITY Basins - as a new chapter in the evolution of Bathroom Living !!!

VANITY - a concept not so old - a single unit that transforms your basin into a utility ware !!! No more shall your basin be a matter of hand wash - rather an object of ‘Neighbor’s Envy’ !!!

Why a Vanity and no more a Basin Only ? Because it Smart Living here on !!! A Vanity transforms the basin into an object of desire - adding aesthetic looks and value addition of space utilization.

Gone are the days wherein one desirous of a heritage Vanity set would go from granite counter hunting to wooden framework to set it up - now it’s the era of Readymade - Get what you See !!!

Mid ocean as a market leader in the Vanity Basin

segment - offers an extensive range of vanities - with the widest collection in terms of Size, Color, Design, Variety & Price - and the Best of Quality !!!

So now all you need is it select your Vanity and add the touch of style to your Living !!!

Highlights :

  • Space Utilization
  • Wide Variety to choose for your Style
  • Perfectly complements the Drawing / Dining area in décor
  • Safe for the wet zone as its made of PVC or GLASS hence 100% water resistant
  • Easy to Install, Easy Maintenance
  • A Complete set - with matching mirror & side cabinet
  • Guaranteed Service